Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's the day...

Well, as I mentioned in my last post I have been reading Linda's Body Talk blog and have become motivated to get back into shape and most importantly, focus on my diet.

I've gotten some great ideas on meals and snacks from her and her reader responses. Seeing what other people eat really made me realize how I am not eating very well and need to improve my diet drastically.

Also, I am determined to go back to the gym and get in a routine. I was planning on it today but Colin has some sort of tummy issue and I don't want to take him to the gym and get someone else sick. So for today I'll have to settle with eating well, and may take a walk with the kids this afternoon instead. Not as good as a workout but it will have to do today. I do have a 30 Day Shred DVD that's been gathering dust on my entertainment center that I could break out during nap time....hmmm....

I sat and went through her site and all the posts and responses and made a list of some foods/snacks I thought might I might like. Now, its off to get Jordan at school and go grocery shopping to stock up on some healthy foods! I already hit BJ's last week to stock my freezer with proteins, now for the healthy veggies to go with it...

I'm planning on keeping a food journal online here as well to keep accountable. Tomorrow I will talk about my stats and my goals.

So far today I've eaten the following:
DD FV Coffee with Fat Free FV creamer and two splenda packets
Bowl of Special K Berries with milk

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